Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas Event 2010~!

In order to say a special thanks to all doll owners for supporting us, we shall have this following end of 2010 event~!!

Time Limit : 5th Dec, 2010 ~ 5th Jan, 2011

Event Time : Between the time now till 5th Jan, 2011, buying from us of more than 4330 HKD(560USD), you will get one free gift of either Pudding or Jelly.
Please see following link of their pictures:

Pudding & Jelly are limited editions, will not be sold alone after this event, this is your only chance!!

A special note: 1:3 boys (King, Lewis, Xun, Evan, Fay, He) do not accept the change of female body. Dora is exeptional because she has 2 type(neck hold in head is different). Please take this in mind before ordering. Thank you very much! 

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