Sunday, 24 October 2010

1:4 - Coral

1:4 sized girl Coral

Full set includes the following: 
- Face cap X1 
- AE Identity Card X1
- Official box X1
- Cushion X2
- High Quality Acrylic eyes X 1 (pair)

Body Size:Height : 42.6CM 
Chest measurement : 17.2CM
Waistline : 13.7C
Buttocks : 19.2CM
Thigh perimeter : 11CM
Lower leg perimeter : 7.7CM
Feet Length : 5.5CM
Arm Length : 12.2CM
Shoulder Width : 9.5CM
Leg Length : 21.5CM
Neck perimeter : 6.9CM
Head perimeter :18CM

It takes 30 days for the doll be prepared. (not including shipping and custom checking times) 

Price : $ 1475 HKD ( $ 189 USD)
Official faceup : Type A = $ 375 HKD ( $ 48 USD) / Type B = $160 HKD ( $ 20 USD)

Type A faceups are all facceups shown in photos, done by the BJD makers.
Type B faceups are done by AE official faceup artists.
Note: the price may varies from time to time, it depends on the exchange rate (we check our exchange rate at yahoo.)

Shipping charges by EMS : Varies from place to place. Please email me for an exact amount.

However postage time varies, please forgive us if the postage is later than your expectation. Thank you.

All orders will need to be fully paid before orders made officially.

We accept only paypal payments.

For further details, please feel free to email

Address : B-01, Basement, Ginza Plaza, 2A-2H South Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Saturday, 23 October 2010

We're on eBay now!!

We're now putting on some products onto eBay~!>V<
So you guys will know what we have in stock~
Not only BJD, we'll have other BJD related products too~!

We only have a few items for now~
Shall upload more~!
When items are up, we'll update our facebook~
Please feel free to add our facebook! >V<

Our most recent stock is Coral!!